Programs: Live Presentation

Dynamic, interactive, customized

This training is conducted at your school and scheduled at your convenience. Most charter schools schedule the training on a Saturday morning or on a weeknight. Schools may select from either the four hour initial training or a two hour refresher course. This course can be customized for your school’s individual needs and issues particular to your school can be discussed. Access to the computer-based distance learning program is included in this fee so that any board members who cannot attend the in-person workshop can still participate in the training at no additional cost to you.

The presenter, Kathleen W. Schoenberg, is an attorney in private practice in Florida. Drawing on her twelve years’ of charter school experience, Kathleen has put together a training program designed to be interactive and easy to follow. This program includes everything necessary for successful completion of Florida’s statutory governance training requirement for charter school board members.

Join Kathleen as she walks you through topics required by state law and important to you as a charter school board member, including open government laws, conflicts of interest, ethics, financial responsibilities, policies and procedures, running effective meetings and organizational documents. The program includes discussions on statutory responsibilities, charter school best practices, and real-world examples drawn from Kathleen’s experiences representing charter schools. The training is updated to keep pace with changes in laws and regulations.

Significant discounts for multi-school sessions are offered.